Our services

Social Media Marketing

At Eunoia, we manage and execute social media campaigns that serve the needs of the entire business. We know that entering into social media marketing can be both time consuming and expensive, however we use two vital strategies, passive approach to tap and analyze the customer voice generated in social media for marketing purposes which will help us to obtain ‘live’ information about consumer behavior and also active approach where in Social media can be used as communication channels (targeting specific audiences with social media influencers) and as customer engagement tools.

Display advertising/ Mobile application trafficking (Ad-ops)

Display advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising forms over the digital media benefitting many businesses by enhancing their reach. We at Eunoia highly experienced and dedicated digital advertising professionals can work on implementation of placements in bulk with high levels of accuracy. Our team has very good experience on major leading ad serving tools and technologies, which includes DFA, DFP, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), MediaMind, Atlas Ad Manager, Open Ad Server (OAS), and OpenX. We offer customer centric service with exceptional flexibility of team in terms of providing services.

Creative QA and Content Audit

Most of the publishers look at creative QA as a top priority – if not "the" top priority for their team – because first and foremost, advertising is an essential component of their websites - it must function properly, with each ad visually appealing and not misleading. At Eunoia highly experienced and dedicated digital advertising professionals work on ad preview and functionality checks of the creative. Also our team can take up projects on evaluating content elements and information assets on some part or all of a website and creative.
Reporting & Analysis

Reporting is a vital facet in digital marketing that will analyze campaign performance and can be tailored to the needs of customer’s business. Our team at Eunoia will provide you daily reporting, weekly reporting, month end and final campaign wrap-up reports. We provide reporting services for display, email, search social media, and mobile campaigns. Along with reports, our team at Eunoia provides an overview analysis on highs and lows of campaign/account performance as pointers for each iteration.

Publisher/Advertiser Billing Reports

Our team at Eunoia works monthly billing reports for advertisers and publishers in a timely manner and supports clients to generate their invoices as per their schedule. We will ensure that data is securely processed and kept confidential.

Discrepancy reports

Commonly there will be discrepancies in reporting ad impressions between publishers, ad exchanges, advertisers/agencies, advertising networks and third party vendors. Our team works on various types of third party ad serving tools, proprietary tools and first party tools, compares the data and delivers it in the format required by our clients.

Inventory forecasting reports

Forecasting helps sales manage client’s expectations of campaign delivery and ensures that campaign goals are met. Our team at Eunoia provides data on forecast campaign inventory for various targeting criteria.